Ian’s Surf Hoodie

here’s a REAL easy one – I made this Surf Hoodie for a friend to keep him cosy when he gets out of the surf…..

Working in tr (US dc) make a long scarf approx 28 cm (11″) x 2m (80″) – fold in half & sew from fold down approx 23 cm (9″) – hat made – fold over one or both ends to desired size of pocket – 
I used Bendigo Woollen Mills – Classic – 200g Ink (611) – 100g Prussian (678) – 60g Pampas (718) – hook size 4.50 – but of course, use any yarn of choice & hook size to suit 

About rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author
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2 Responses to Ian’s Surf Hoodie

  1. rensfibreart says:

    thanks, wasn’t fishing for compliments but ever so glad the hoodie is doing its job…. at least I have some comfort knowing I did a little to save you from freezing your butt off in the Tasmanian wilderness & Hey!! this new site was your idea… I just followed your lead – thanks Ian, you’re a champ…R

  2. Ian says:

    Hey! This scarf/hoodie thingo is amazing!
    The pattern of the piece is fitted so well making it really warm. Beauty form & function – tried, tested and true in the wilds of Tasmania!

    Renate, this ‘hoodie’ is not coming off down here – it’s going to be a cold winter. Thank you thank you!

    The new site looks awesome! Who have you had to design it for you?

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