Beautiful Yarns ~ Winter Warmers….

over the years I’ve collected some really beautiful yarn, sometimes for no particular reason only that I had to have it…. just couldn’t live without it… yarnies will know exactly what I mean.

I’m especially drawn to the European blends with their vibrant colours & superb luxurious textures ~ & so my stash has grown… out of control some would say!!

OK… I agree, I can’t just keep collecting… it’s time to put these lovelies into action…

Here are some examples of my collection of Winter Warmers ~ each piece is unique using only the finest quality yarn – some are a bit quirky, some less so, while others are as soft as a kitten & lighter than feathers – all are perfect accessories for those who dare to be a little different  – they are available in my Etsy & Zibbet  Shops with more to come so keep tuned – enjoy

Skinny chunky No1Funky Chunky No2Funky Skinny- No1Funky Skinny - No2Strawberry SherbetComfy MufflerFunky FudgeFresh Berries





About rensfibreart

Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author
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