Silk & Seacell – A beautiful yarn.

Some time ago I came across this gorgeous Hand Maiden Sea Silk yarn… 70% silk – 30% Seacell – I’d never heard of yarn being made from seaweed before… intrigued & excited I had to purchase some & when my parcel arrived I wasn’t disappointed.

This yarn is so lovely that all I want to do is hold & touch. It has the most glorious sheen & was sheer pleasure to work.

So what is Seacell? This website will help explain it &, this is what Hand Maiden says & I quote “So we’ve got this new yarn for spring that I’m pretty excited about. It’s called Sea Silk, made from 70% silk, 30% seacell. I knew that the seacell is made from seaweed and that the yarn has a particularly seductive feel. (So much so that I’ve been taken to walking around my studio stroking it like a slippery mink). But when I looked into the actual process of turning the seaweed into the fibre, my brain did a bit of a back flip. This yarn has vitamins!? There is even a version with silver in it. Silver! Wow. Apparently it makes the fibre antibacterial. Silver yarn…. oh – I wonder how I would dye that…..”

Long story short…I made this gorgeous scarf using one the patterns from my, soon to be released, new book ‘Textured Crochet Lace.’

Now, the question is… do I keep it for myself or list it in my Etsy Shop… hmmmm… I’m yet to decide…


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Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author
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4 Responses to Silk & Seacell – A beautiful yarn.

  1. Carol Wiebe says:

    The yarn is beautiful, but so is your pattern!

  2. rensfibreart says:

    Yes, that would be great… I’m sure, if it’s ever possible, ipod or some such thing will have touchy-feely photos in the future… lol

  3. Laura says:

    Looks beautiful! Wish that pictures would have a haptic quality as well!

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