100 Beanie Drive… can you help?

Jess Van Den of Epheriell Designs has put out a call to all her crafty friends for help in her 100 Beanie Charity Drive

Jess’s goal is: to gather together 100 Beanies during July that I can donate to that box in the Day Oncology Unit. In fact – I’d love to have to buy them a bigger box to fit everything I bring in!! And you know what? Why not shoot for 100 scarves and 100 pairs of mittens, too?
 I’d love it if you could help me give cancer patients warm heads and warm hearts this winter.

Here’s the information if you would like to help with this worthy project – you will find some crochet & knit patterns to help you get started & guidelines for materials to use. Ravelry fans can join in here too.

The call is for boy colours as, apparently, men & boys are the most in need but all crochet or knitted beanies, scarves & mittens will be most appreciated – so why not give it a go….

These are a couple I whipped up in no time at all & will be in the post tomorrow…


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Australian Freeform Fibre Artist, Craft teacher & Author
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6 Responses to 100 Beanie Drive… can you help?

  1. rensfibreart says:

    You’re welcome, Jess… it’s great to see so many jumping in to help you reach your goal.

  2. Epheriell says:

    Ren, thank you SO much, love those mittens!!

  3. rensfibreart says:

    Very kind of you.. thank you!

  4. I’ve just written a basic beanie hat pattern that you can knit on straight needle. It’s free to access on my blog – please feel free to use to make more beanies!

  5. rensfibreart says:

    Wonderful, Hannah… thank you!

  6. Wow, I’m definitely going to find out how much postage is from the UK to Australia…I’d love to be involved!

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