That’s a mighty giant crochet hook, but what to do with it?

giant hook2I’ve had this giant, wooden crochet hook for the longest time, I may have found it in an OP shop or perhaps someone gave it to me… I simply can’t remember… in any case, it’s been sitting idle in my hook collection for many years with no idea what size it could be (though compared to a 6.50 mm (US K), it’s mighty big), or what it could be used for…

I’m presuming that some clever person hand-carved it & lovingly sanded it down to feel as smooth as silk… nevertheless, I’ve always found it awkward to work with &, after a few of feeble attempts, just abandoned it…giant hook1

That is, until a couple of months ago when I wanted to crochet some really woolly, chunky scarves, you know the kind that you can wrap around & around yourself, thick & lush to keep out the frostiest cold winds… &, suddenly, that mighty giant hook might just be the ticket… I started with 2 strands of yarn… No, not chunky enough… 3 strands, then 4 but finally settled on 5 strands of what I hope are complimentary colours. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I remembered & the scarves worked up really fast. I think I got a bit carried away too, hence their length… the yellow/brown one being approx 272 cm (107”) & the green one approx 317.50 cm (125”).

So that’s a couple of scarves… I’m sure there are many more items that could be created with this mighty hook… I just haven’t thought of any yet… Any ideas? Or perhaps you have your own giant hook story… we’d all love to hear them…

green chunkyDSCF9666DSCF9674DSCF9671


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5 Responses to That’s a mighty giant crochet hook, but what to do with it?

  1. Bonsoir, j’ai fait un tapis de douche très confortable avec des épaisseurs de coton ARAN aux si jolies couleurs…et une grosse corbeille pour les jouets de mes petits-fils. J’ai aussi utilisé ce crochet avec des bandes de tee shirts pour confectionner “une niche d’intérieur” pour le chat,et ainsi fait du recyclage!… 🙂

  2. rensfibreart says:

    Turquoise shawl sounds lovely… & Mohair! of course… that would work a treat.. thank you

  3. rensfibreart says:

    Yes, I can imagine afghans would work up super fast using the big hook…

  4. sharecropper says:

    Living in Florida, I need things that are too heavy; so I used my giant hook with mohair to create a lacy shawl for special events. It is turquoise with a turquoise dominant rainbow of shells around the edge. I love my giant hook.

  5. carlaburke says:

    One year I made huge afghans for 4 family members, using a huge hook like that. I just used a single crochet, and made them all king size. They worked up in short order, and 10 yrs later, they are still highly favored with those who got them. Lol – now you have me eyeing my yarn stash, wondering if I have enough to make something warm & fluffy for myself (for a change)!

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