Freestyle, no pattern, Crochet Lace Scarves… even in the summer heat…

no pattern scarvesOver the holiday break I had little inclination to crochet… here in Australia, this year’s summer has been frightfully hot & the thought of handling yarn has been less than inspiring… nevertheless, while sitting in front of the telly with the fan blasting, sucking on fruity ice-blocks & doing my best to stay as cool as possible, my hands, which have minds of their own, thought differently… ‘idle hands, idle minds’ & all that…

Some months back I wrote a post about ‘Freestyle Crochet made easy’… work a long length of chain, no need to count, & work a different pattern for each row, improvising with plain stitches at the ends where the pattern doesn’t quite fit…

It’s been far too hot to have volumes of crochet fabric sitting on my lap so I decided I could do just the same but this time working short rows back & forth to create a scarf or two… I chose to work in cotton & cotton blends but any yarn you like would be fine.

I’d forgotten how liberating this method is… not a lot of thought needs to go into what pattern to work on which particular row, just do what you like, whatever looks pleasing… perhaps call on those patterns you’ve learnt at some stage or rummage through your pattern books for stitches you’ve never tried…

My hands were right… there’s no need to be idle just find a way to keep creating with the least amount of discomfort…

For this pink scarf I used Seta, Silken Style (Wendy), 100 grams (2 balls), 48% viscose, 40% cotton, 9% silk, 3% nylon

pink cotton silk blend

For this white scarf I used Moda Vera (Nerine), 68 grams (a ball & a bit), 100% cotton

white 100% cotton


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