Vintage Earrings inspire Freeform Crochet Bag….

Earlier this year (Feb 2017) I was contacted, through Etsy, by a lovely lady who asked me if I’d be willing to create a freeform handbag for her incorporating her collection of vintage earrings. As a rule, I don’t usually take on many custom orders for freeform pieces, mainly because I rarely know which direction a project may go in &, even if the customer points to a particular item as an example, no 2 pieces are ever the same & so it’s often difficult pleasing people who already have pre-conceived ideas… Basically, I don’t want to disappoint…

Nevertheless, I was intrigued when she sent me a photo of the earrings &, after discussing preferred colours & forms (her preference for florals & Autumn tones), handles style, basic bag shape & her assurances that I had free range to create whatever I thought best… I decided to give it a go…. & so it began….

The Earring are lovely & certainly lend themselves to floral designs

Pairing up earring with colours & textures







… we went with the red…

Deciding on the satin lining…










The finished handbag turned out great… my customer was super happy with the result… I too was very pleased & don’t know why I was so hesitant in the beginning… well, there you go, that’s the creative process I guess… Perhaps this little exercise will persuade you to have a search through your own collectables & see what inspirations you can find….


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6 Responses to Vintage Earrings inspire Freeform Crochet Bag….

  1. rensfibreart says:

    Thanks Kay… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kay says:

    This turned out to be a beautiful, one of a kind, masterpiece. You are amazing.

  3. rensfibreart says:

    Alannah… next Thursday class 17th Aug…. see you then ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. rensfibreart says:

    Thanks Catherine ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Catherine Fincher says:

    Beautiful Renata. You are clever/creative

  6. Angel Angel says:

    Hi Renate

    It’s Alannah I won’t make it again on sat as I’ll be in Sydney can you tell me the next Thursday that you will be going classes please
    Thanks Alannah

    Sent from my iPhone

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