Crochet Scallops & Spirals – Ebook

Crochet Spirals & Scallops Ebook – $12.50 AUD

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This Ebook (17 pages) is a collection of 7 crochet scallops & 6 crochet spirals patterns.

All the patterns are complete in their own right but they also lend themselves beautifully to experimentation & freeform.

I’d like to encourage everyone to play around with your own ideas, substituting suggested yarns / stitch size / hook size & what ever else you come up with…

Spiral are made as separate motifs…

Scallop motifs are made separately but I also give instruction for working them directly onto your fabric.

  • The patterns include:
  • written patterns with both UK & US terminology for each motif
  • pattern diagrams (charts) for each motif
  • clear colour photos of each motif
  • special stitch drawings & instruction
  • a quick bullion tutorial
  • embellishment suggestions

Suggested Requirements:
~ assorted hooks (4mm – 4.25mm (US G) – 5mm (US H))
~ assorted 8ply yarn
~ assorted ribbon yarn
~ assorted metallic thread
~ assorted crochet cotton


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