Filet Crochet Tutorial – The basics – Ebook

FIL-TITLE-1Filet Crochet Tutorial – Ebook –

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Filet is a French word for net. Filet crochet, worked from a graph (or chart), is possibly one of the easiest techniques for creating crochet lace – at its simplest it’s made up with 3 basic stitches, slip stitch, chains & trebles (US dc), but more intricate patterns can be created substituting the trebles (US dc) with double trebles (US tr), triple trebles (US dtr) & so on

This tutorial (17 pages) takes you through the basics of Filet Crochet in both written (UK & US terminology) & diagram form & covers the following:

  • How to read charts (graphs) – (pg 2)
  • Determining the number of chains required for foundation chain (pg 2)
  • What is a Space, Block, Lacet & Bar(pg 3)
  • Stitch Abbreviations(pg 3)
  • Stitch Guide (written & drawings): slip st, dc (US sc), tr (US dc) (pg 4)
  • Stitch Guide continued: dtr (US tr), trtr (US dtr) – tr decrease (US dc decrease) (pg 5)
  • Basic Filet Mesh Lace (written, diagram & drawing): spaces & blocks  (pg 6)
  • Basic Filet mesh lace continued: Lacets & bars (pg 7)
  • Shaping: increasing space at beginning & end of row (pg 8)
  • Shaping continued: decreasing space at beginning & end of row, increasing block at beginning & end of row, decreasing block at beginning & end of row (pg 9)
  • Shaping for Garments: increasing blocks at beginning & end of rows – (pg 10)
  • Shaping for garments continued: increasing spaces at beginning & end of rows (pg 11)
  • Shaping for garments continued: decreasing & decreasing blocks at beginning & end of rows – (pg-12)
  • Three super easy projects to get you started
  • Book Mark (chart & photo) – (pg 13)
  • Scarf (photo & chart) – (pg 14)
  • Purse – (chart, photo, written, diagrams, drawings) (pg 15 to 17)

* Please be aware that PDF downloads are not eligible for return or refund

I’m committed to providing accurate info, both written & diagram. However, should you come across any problems, questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I have spent many hours compiling this tutorial and offer it for your personal pleasure & knowledge. ~ I’m very happy for you to use it for fun, personal challenge, gifts & fundraisers – but not so happy if you re-print it for others or sell the tutorial – you know the drill – copyright & all that!! Thank you for your help & understanding in this matter…. enjoy, Renate

filet purseFilet ScarfFilet Book mark


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