Wet Felt Flowers Pattern Tutorial – Ebook

Wet Felt Flowers Pattern Tutorial ~ $12.50 AUD

You can purchase this 15 page Ebook from my ETSY shop or ZIBBET shop


Anyone can make these wet felted flowers, no felting experience necessary as the tutorial takes you through the steps & apart from the wool roving, which can be purchased at any good craft suppliers, most of the requirements are items you’ll already have in your home.

Have fun making these wet felted flowers… experiment with colour combos, textures & sizes… turn them into brooch pins or jazz up an old hat, they even look great in a vase… they’re such a joyful gift for family & friends… enjoy!


  1. coloured wool rovings (available from any good craft suppliers)
  2. polystyrene balls, egg shapes, golf balls,
  3. very sharp pointed scissors
  4. rubber gloves, if you don’t like harsh soap on your hands
  5. old towels
  6. bamboo sushi mats – bubble wrap
  7. pure soap
  8. hot water
  9. old sheeting – chux wipes
  10. craft glue
  11. sewing machine
  12. sewing cotton

The tutorial (15 pages) includes:

  • requirements (page 2)
  • making flowers using the polystyrene method (page 3-6)
  • making centre balls (page 7)
  • making pistils/stamens – page 7-8
  • making leaves (page 9-11)
  • making freeform flowers (page 12-15)

2 Responses to Wet Felt Flowers Pattern Tutorial – Ebook

  1. rensfibreart says:

    Thank you, Jessica… 🙂

  2. Jessica Baird-Kerr says:

    Love your work 😉

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