I’m an Aussie living in the sub-tropics & simply love playing with fibre, colour & texture,  natural & synthetic, no matter… anything that will help me to achieve the effects I’m after.  Each Freeform piece is a one-off original, takes many hours to create & can never be repeated… 
however… I don’t just limit myself to the unusual… so please, check out my more traditional stuff & my free & for sale patterns.
Thanks for dropping by, I hope you find something of interest & please, don’t be shy about leaving a comment.
…for as long as I can remember,
I’ve had the need for self-exploration & expression through tactile arts & crafts…
If it’s able to be:
acquired, amassed and assembled,
cut, torn, snipped, or shredded…
mashed, pulped, threaded or woven…
stitched, folded, pleated or twisted…
fastened, fused, pasted and somehow put together,
I’m in there.Why?
It feels good, that’s all…&, I expect it to go on & on for some time yet… Renate 


Crochet Techniques, Freeform Crochet & Beyond, Bring Colour to Crochet & Textured Crochet Lace, published by the Australian independent publishing company, Sally Milner Publishing, are international standard craft books sold worldwide.

Renate Kirkpatrick’s first craft book Crochet Techniques is a wealth of information and shows off just some of her many talents

Renate Kirkpatrick is passionate about her crafts & her 2nd book, Freeform Crochet & Beyond, brings that passion to a new level of expertise.

Renate Kirkpatrick’s 3rd book Bring Colour to Crochet presents the reader with 64 interesting and practical stitch patterns that explore the many varied ways of incorporating colour and novelty into their work.

Renate Kirkpatrick’s 4th book Textured Crochet Lace brings together a collection of interesting crochet lace patterns & uncommon stitches that can be worked into your crochet repertoire

Renate’s personal story of adoption ’Not Without A Backward Glance’  is available from Zues Publications


Renate Kirkpatrick – Fibre Artist ~ Author ~ Craft Teacher

Born in Germany 1951, migrated to Australia in 1955 & grew up in windy Wollongong, NSW. In 1974 my husband, Glenn, & I settled in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast Qld, where we set up & still operate a small commercial Signwriting & Screenprinting business.

I’ve dabbled a little in pottery, became obsessed with Handmade Paper, both natural fibre and recycled & by 1984 my papermaking was in full swing, retailing unique paper products across Australia & conducting regular workshops.

In 1994 I participated in a group exhibition at the Queensland Museum with the Papermakers of Queensland.From here, attracted by the colour & texture of fabric, I drifted into Rag Rugging & in 2001 won the Best Entry Fibre Art Award at the Caloundra Arts & craft Festival. Workshops & weekly classes began the same year.

In amongst it all I always crocheted (just for fun,  just for me, but always exploring the old & the new) From 2002, as crochet made its huge resurgence & increased in popularity again, I was encouraged to share my knowledge in Traditional, Tunisian (Tricot), Jacquard, Crochenit (double-ended hook) & in more recent years Freeform techniques which has led to workshops & classes across the Sunshine Coast.

2005 ~ I became a published author of my personal story ‘Not Without A Backward Glance.’ Published by Zeus Publications

2006Worlds Best Tea Cosy  winner ~ My first craft book Crochet Techniques  ~ My 2nd book, Freeform Crochet & Beyond2009 ~ Alice Springs Beanie Festival, Winner of the Spirit of The Land Beanie Award.‘Australia in Colour’

2010 ~ My 3rd book Bring Colour To Crochet

2012 ~ my 4th book Textured Crochet Lace

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t exploring the fibre arts in one form or another & expect it to go on & on & on for some time yet.”


4 Responses to About

  1. rensfibreart says:

    Thank you for your lovely compliment, Michele… thats perfectly fine to share the granny notes, all the best in your endeavours 🙂

  2. Michele s says:

    First off I love your website. You had the perfect instructions allowing me to learn the Granny Square. This allowed me to make my charity blankets faster than the rows method when I was learning Crochet. Thank you.
    As part of the organisation I make blankets for “67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day” I sometimes have to teach people to crochet. I always refer them to your site and I printed portions of your notes for some people with your website address on it. Some of the other South African regions would like to use my ‘notes’. Can I share what I created for your approval. Since this would be a broader use than a few copies I made for my teaching newbies?

  3. rensfibreart says:

    Thanks Linda – cheers Renate

  4. lindacee says:

    Hello! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award, you can read about here:

    (oh, and your new book looks gorgeous! I’ll have to see about ordering a copy :))

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